Castra Gym Blog 2022

Team Castra Muay Thai

Team Castra Gym Muay Thai

Looking forward to our next fight, these two will be going to war on the 30th of August 2022. Contact us for more information or tickets - 30/8 (ฉลามร้ายชลบุรี) ป,ต,ท ส,จแมน ปะทะ (พยัคร้ายเมืองดอกบัว)ตระกรุดโทน คาสต้ายิม (Chonburi evil shark) PTT S, Jman vs. (Busy Muang Bua) Takrut Tone Casta Gym.

Concept 2 Rower

Concept 2 Rower - RowERG

We have finally replaced our old Concept 2 Rower with the latest model rowERG. These are great pieces of equipment for cardio, endurance, and conditioning. Our old Concept 2 went to equivalent of around the world, so we look forward to putting this one through its paces. Let’s see who can set the record for the 2000m sprint!

Stairmaster – Step Climber 

Stairmaster Step Climber Stepper

Our new Stairmaster step-climber arrived this month. Another great addition to the cardio section, awesome machine for working those backsides. Also, a great high intensity workout if you crank up the speed. Just be careful not to fall down the stairs.