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Castra Gym Pattaya
The Gym: Our goal is to provide a professional training environment for fitness enthusiast of all levels. We have a wide selection of free weights, benches, strength machines and cardio equipment. For beginners or first timers, our staff can assist in getting you started in your new fitness program and have Personal Training available if more help is needed. With a relaxed atmosphere you can progress at your own pace, making training enjoyable not a chore. We will support our advanced trainers in any way we can, ensuring maximum results from every training session and assisting with those monster weights! We have a large assortment of Olympic bars and dumbbells ranging from 0.5 to a massive 180Llbs (82Kg), with duplicate weights so you won’t have to break your routine by not having the desired weight available. We also have specialist equipment such as trap/hex bars, deadlift platform, deadlift jack and MAG cable attachments.


Castra Gym welcomes athletes of all levels and sports including Bodybuilding, Olympic weight lifting, Power lifting, Rugby, AFL, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners who might use High-intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve their sporting abilities. Our members come from all over the world, from ages 16 to 80. We also have a well-balanced number of male, female, Thai and expat members, so everyone will feel at home training at our facility.

We use commercial grade, heavy duty, plate loaded and pin-stacked selectorised equipment. Most of our equipment is imported from the leading gym manufactures in the USA and is used in some of the world’s top training facilities. We have over 2 tons of plates and dumbbells. We also regularly maintain and upgrade our equipment to ensure that our members can hit it hard every time!
Dumbbells Castra Gym