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Many people sign up for a gym with the best intentions to get in shape, unfortunately the majority of people never stick to their plan and end up wasting money on gym memberships that they never use.  By using a Personal Trainer, a person that would normally struggle to find the motivation to get to the gym can benefit from having someone to help them achieve the goals the want.  In the long run they save money by getting the confidence, knowledge and dedication to train like a warrior!
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Unlike big chain gyms, where Personal Training is often regarded as a money making conveyor belt, our aim is to help our clients to achieve their goals by giving them the ability to take control of their own body, to get fit and to stay fit. We do this by focusing on three main principles:

Inform: Before anybody can seriously consider participating in a weight loss and conditioning program, they must understand that physical exercises is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. Most people are aware that fatty foods, excessive alcohol consumption and sedentary behaviour all have a negative effect on a person’s health. However, most people are unaware about how to incorporate a healthy diet into their daily routine. In the first step of our weight loss and conditioning program we aim to provide information about what type of foods to choose and when to eat them. With the basic knowledge of nutrition, a person can create a healthy eating program to complement their training program.

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Motivate: Most people’s biggest hurdle is finding the motivation to start and keep up a training program. This is even more prevalent in those people who have never trained before or are unsure of how to exercises correctly. Once a person is motivated and has the self-discipline to train and adhere to a healthy diet they are well on the road to having a healthy body and a strong mind. Our personal trainers will help to build up self-confidence and self-discipline so that an individual can easily find the motivation to smash through the barriers that have been blocking the path to their goals.

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Educate: Our final phase is to provide all the necessary knowledge and practice about the physical aspects of training. This is the core principle of a training program and allows for a wide variety of results to be achieved including weight loss, toning, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle gains, corrective rehabilitation training and bodybuilding competition preparation. With the right skills, a person can progress from a basic training program to advanced techniques and high intensity workouts. With a combination of these three principles a person can become prepared to commence a whole new way of living, incorporating a healthy diet, a positive attitude and specialised training techniques to produce a strong body and mind.