Bench Fitness
Bench Fitness designs, fabricates and sources equipment for the strength and conditioning world. We strip production processes back to the essentials, creating the best quality equipment using only what’s needed. Bench Fitness. Stronger Together. 
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Thai Green Leaves cannabis farm produces organically grown cannabis flowers. We grow native and exotic strains of plants from the USA, Holland, Spain and Thailand. Our farm is fully registered in accordance with Thai law. All visitors and services are strictly reserved for people over 20 years old.

Suan Son Beach Muay Thai & Fitness
Muay Thai, Gym, Guesthouse, airconditioned rooms, Free WiFi, @ beach in Rayong, Ban Phe Samed

NovaPans offers a range of handpans, each with a different number of notes, scales and price. When considering your handpan, it's recommended that you have a listen to the various video recordings available (posted in the descriptions) and read the description of each handpan.