Muay Thai

 Muay Thai originates from ancient martial arts and is Thailand’s national sport. Know at the ‘art of eight limbs’, it uses eight points of contact to strike (punches, elbows, knees and kicks). The modern style of Muay Thai is fought all over the world and bouts can be found at arenas all over Thailand on a daily basis. In more recent times, Muay Thai techniques have been adapted in to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to form a base for striking, in particular the use of close quarter elbows and high/low kicks that are the foundations of Muay Thai. Although Muay Thai may seem violent, training is lots of fun and is a great way to get fit, lose weight and improve general wellbeing. 
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Muay Thai Class / Group Training

If you want to learn Muay Thai techniques, improve your cardiovascular fitness or lose weight, our Muay Thai classes are for you. Our instructors are champion fighters who regularly compete in Thailand’s major events. Classes are designed to be fun, informative and beneficial for men and women of all ages and levels. Whether you are interested in fitness, self-defence or to improve your technique, you will have a great time.

Personal Training / Coaching

For those who would like to fine tune their techniques or would like to train in private, we have one on one training available. This is also a great addition to a personal training program and we regularly assist people with weight loss and fitness with tailored Muay Thai training.

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