Castra Gym is the best gym and professional training facility on the East side of Pattaya. The gym has a relaxed atmosphere that will benefit both professional athletes and novices in achieving their training goals. We have heavy duty equipment including squat racks, deadlift platforms, Olympic benches, plate loaded, selectorized equipment and heavyweight dumbbells up to 180lbs. For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Bodybuilding - Castra Gym
Bodybuilding Gym: The gym has a massive selection of equipment, free-weights, cables, selectorised, plate loaded machines, as well as a heavy duty squat rack and deadlift platform.

Cardio - Castra Gym
Cardio: We have an entire cardio section to cater for all your workout needs. Treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical cross-trainers, Concept 2 rowers and Air Assault Bikes.

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Muay Thai - Castra Gym
Muay Thai: If you would like to learn about Muay Thai, keep fit or lose weight, we have Muay Thai classes throughout the week, run by our champion fighter coaches.
Personal Training Pattaya
Personal Training: If you need help getting fit, our team of fitness professionals can help you get in shape, lose weight, tone up, fitness plans and nutritional advice.
Womens Day Gym Special Offer
Special Offer - Women's Day Promo
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Lots of changes coming to the gym over the next few months. We are expanding our building to set up a new open-workout area and HIIT equipment. We are also adding new machines to the main gym area, including chest, back, abs and leg machines. There are more boxing heavy-bags available in two different training rooms and lots of open space for full body workouts. The rest of the new equipment will be getting delivered in November. 
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